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About Us


The Hampton Roads Bird Club was founded in 1951!

The purposes of the Club are to:

  • Promote scientific study and the recording of bird habitat

  • Promote development, protection and conservation of bird life and other natural resources

  • Cooperate with national, state, and local organizations toward the conservation and education in the fields of natural resources and ornithology

  • Provide financial grants to individuals and organizations to assist in their ornithological education

2016-17 Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs

President - Dr. Shawn Dash
Vice President - Brenda Gervais
Secretary - Bill Boeh
Treasurer - John Adair
Board Member (2014-17) - Pete Peterman
Board Member (2015-18) - Andy Hawkins
Board Member (2016-19) - Ellis Maxey
Newsletter Editor - Tom Charlock
Website Editor - Meredith Bell
Field Trip Coordinators - Jason Strickland, Andy Hawkins
Hospitality - Jane Frigo, Gwen Harris
Publicity - Jessica Ausura
Membership - Gwen Harris
Leader, Sunday Newport News Walks - Jane Frigo
Compiler, Christmas and Spring Bird Counts - Bill Boeh